April 2019

Spring time at Elkhorn Peak Cellars in Napa Valley

Written by: Elise Nerlove, second-generation Viticulturist and Winemaker at Elkhorn Peak Cellars in Napa Valley.

Bud Break in Napa Valley

Happy spring! Although it may not quite feel like it yet, spring is officially in Napa Valley, marked by budbreak in the vineyard. Budbreak is the vineyard waking up from winter and its nature’s signal to get to work. Spring time in Napa Valley is one of the busiest – it all happens in the spring!

What’s So Special About Estate Bottled Wines?

What’s So Special About Estate Bottled Wines?

Organic. Non-GMO. All Natural. Locally Sourced. Labels are full of qualifiers these days trying to set them apart from the rest. Some are regulated with stiff criteria – and some are nebulous. The same is true with wine.

“Reserve” is a great example of a word that is unregulated. It means many things to many people, and has gotten overused - to the point that for most it doesn’t mean anything anymore.