May 2016

William Benjamin Hogan - Greatest Golf Player Ever

By Martin Cody, CEO, Cellar Angels

In July of 1997 the golfing world lowered their heads at the passing of William Benjamin Hogan at the young age of 84. Argued by many from his era as the games’ greatest player ever, the secret of Hogan’s success died with him. Hogan’s concentration and mastery of the golf swing is perhaps unequaled as evidenced by a few comments from his fellow golf professionals.

Pinot Noir Wines | MacPhail Family Wines Sonoma

One of the great joys of the wine business is finding a home at a place where the Pinot Noir wines, the people, and the place at which you work come together in great harmony.  I have been with MacPhail Family Wines for nearly 3 years and one of the most enjoyable parts of my job is the storytelling about the people and places from which our wines come.  We specialize in “wines of place”, wines that truly reflect the place from which they are grown.