September 2014

Harvest Is Poetry in Motion

By Guest Blogger David Grega, Winemaker/Co-Proprietor at Carlotta Cellars

Each year around the second week of September, we lock down picking dates for the first fruit of the season. It’s around this time that winemakers go through a series of emotional phases. There is hope, anxiety, joy and worry all rolled into one.

Gallegos Wines: 3 Generations of Family Farming, Brought to you in a Bottle

Born in the small farming town of El Llano in Michoacán, Mexico, Ignacio Gallegos’ family raised him with an intimate understanding of agriculture and a love for fresh and locally-produced foods. When he immigrated to the United States in the 1950s under the government Bracero guest worker program, the Gallegos family was among the first Mexican farming families to settle in the town of St. Helena.  Ignacio Sr.

Iron Horse Vineyards: Inspired by Paris, Drawn to Russian River

Audrey and Barry Sterling are full partners in everything they do.  Iron Horse Vineyards is their vision.

Both are native Californians, Audrey from San Francisco and Barry a Los Angelino. They met at Stanford University. Audrey was an undergrad and Barry in law school in the same class with William Renquist and Sandra Day O’Connor. They married the weekend Barry passed the bar, graduated and was inducted into the Army.